Sixteen Oaks Grove to undergo renovation

A gathering space near the Ravenswood Houses and the Long Island City branch of the Queens Public Library will undergo a $1.3 million transformation.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer announced the funding to revamp Sixteen Oaks Grove on 21st Street and 37th Avenue last week.

“This is a beautiful space that is essentially empty,” he said. “We can add appropriate benches and greenery to beautify this space for those who live around the park.”

A sitting park, Sixteen Oaks Grove was named by the Parks Department because the small traffic median is dominated by sixteen oak trees and eight sitting benches.

“The sixteen oaks trees create such a lovely shade in the summertime and a place for parents waiting for their children to return home from school, the community to rest when coming home from shopping or waiting or the bus,” said Ravenwood resident leader Carol Wilkins.

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