Winning projects for this year’s participatory budgeting

Last Friday, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer announced the winners of this year’s participatory budgeting process.

In total, six projects were funded for a total of $2.05 million.

Thousands of residents ages 11 and up voted for their favorite projects from March 30 to April 7.

Here are the winning projects:

  • Tech Upgrades for Schools ($400,000)
    • 3,484 votes
    • Laptop carts, computers, projectors and interactive boards for PS 112, PS 150, PS 166 and the Academy of American Studies
  • Tech Upgrades for Libraries ($450,000)
    • 2,278 votes
    • Queens Public Library branches at Woodside, Broadway, LIC, Sunnyside and Court Square will each receive $90,000 for technology upgrades
  • PS 150 Hydroponics Science Lab ($200,000)
    • 2,022 votes
    • STEM classroom where 100+ students will grow food and learn hands-on about nutrition, land use and sustainability
  • PS 112 Bathroom Renovations ($200,000)
    • 1,973 votes
    • Repairs, upgrades and efficiency enhancements to four bathrooms
  • Additional Bus Time Countdown Clocks ($200,000)
    • 1,561 votes
    • Provide groups that cannot rely on or utilize the subway system with on-time bus information

A bonus winner was announced:

  • Bathroom Upgrades at Ravenswood Community Center ($600,000)
    • Renovate bathrooms, which are currently in state of complete disrepair, and install energy saving improvements.

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