PS/IS 78’s Mandarin Language Program just got a boost

Learning mandarin at PS/IS 78 in Long Island City just got a whole lot better.

Continuing his funding streak, State Senator Mike Gianaris announced last week that PS/IS 78’s Interactive Language Program will receive a $10,000 grant from the state.

The program helps prepare students for a global economy by using technology to facilitate early-age foreign language instruction across the world.

My Chinese Teacher (MCT) is a mandarin language program that uses tech to connect to a China-based teaching team. The teacher uses video conferencing to provide a Chinese language and culture program.

The class receives a 25-minute weekly lesson while the classroom teacher follows up with instruction through workbooks, pronunciation videos and more.

Students also interact with their Chinese teacher by sending them postcards, sharing photos from their school and other learning activities.

“Our social and economic future hinges on intercultural communication and PS/IS 78’s unique Chinese language program is instrumental in rearing the next generation of leaders,” says Principal Louis Pavone.

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