Made in Queens Pop-Up Shop for Valentines Day in LIC


Made in Queens,  located at 27-24 Queens Plaza South,  is a shop that sells food and accessories made only in Queens.

This Valentines Day, Made in Queens will have a pop-up shop, selling merchandise for Valentines day such as jewelry, chocolates, cards, flowers pottery and if you know someone who likes things spicy, there will be a vendor there selling hot sauce as well.

Artist Niizeki Hiromi, a visual artist who makes art out of objects such as supermarket flyers, junk mail, wire hangers, cardboard and more, transforming these “junk” items into something a person can look at as beautiful.

Hiromi will be hosting workshops on how to create 3D Valentines Day cards, another gift that can be given on this Valentines Day to your loved one.



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