An Inside Look at the exciting new programs at the Variety Boys and Girls Club 

Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens is  a neighborhood center that offers programs for the children in the Astoria/LIC community. VBGCQ provides a safe, active and positive environment where kids can make friends and explore and develop their passions.

The Club has partnered with local businesses to create exciting new classes, such as…

The Skanska class at the Boys and Girls Club is a virtual design class which allows children to learn about architecture in a class setting. Children at the club are taught how to virtually engineer things such as houses and tiny towns with the help of SKANSKA’s many volunteers.

The Stem program at the Boys and Girls Club helps the children become multifaceted in many subjects such as science, technology, engineering, and math. The stem program is an innovative way for children at the club to enhance their scientific knowledge.

Recently, members of the club’s earth science class and SKANSKA virtual design program participated in a weather channel experiment. Council Member Costa Constantinides stopped by the class and was excited to see “the future science leaders” in action.

The NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration Club made cups for drinking in space after learning about capillary action, surface tension, adhesion, and cohesion.

Recently children involved with this NASA / Steam program learned about walking on space and were even tasked with creating spacesuits for their “astro potatoes”.

The Steam program, much like the Stem program, helps children to become more knowledgeable of subjects such as science and math but it also focuses on things such as art.

Art Club celebrates Women’s History Month with an homage to Georgia O’Keefe.

The comic club allows children to express themselves by creating characters with their own stories. The children also learn how to improve their drawing skills.

The film club teaches children how to produce their very own shows. These children learn to produce many shows throughout the year and are currently in the process of shooting a documentary known as “ Why Me?” which focuses on how middle school students react to bullying in their school.


Children at the Boys and Girls club are also members of improv and drama classes where they learn how to write, rehearse, and improvise scenes.

Club Kids in these “next level” programs are learning how to creatively express themselves are making sure that they have fun in the process. These Club Kids are most certainly future science leaders in the making.


Variety also offers Swim Classes, Adult Lap Swim, Family Swim, and a children’s JV and Varsity Swim Team, in our beautiful indoor pool. Soccer classes, basketball classes, Capoeira, and dance classes are held in their large gym and in their dance studio.

STEAM Classes are on Saturdays in Engineering, Coding, Cooking, Film Production, & Lego Robotics.

During the weekdays, from 2:30-7pm, the club offers the largest after-school program in Western Queens. They care for nearly 200 children.  They also provide the after school programs held at IS10Q and Academy of the City, and the dance program at PS171Q.

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